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SaigonKids Last Hurrah Reunion Postscript

Last Hurra Slide-Show

We Are Family

I would like to thank everyone that came to the last Harrah.  It was you that made it happen.  Without you there would have been no “party”.  I also must say, those that could not come for various reasons, our thoughts were of you. I had looked forward to it for several months.  The reunion came and then it was over.  It was over so fast.  In Saigon, which was the best time of my teenage years, after a wonderful time, the next day I could go see folks.  I guess I will always remember this time and cherish it.

Cd’s?  I hope some of you have put your dancing shoes on (Hanna’s, especially Sandy..what energy!) and listened to the Memory Mosaic Cd’s.  Again, what I mentioned at the dinner/dance, if you got a “Gecko” Cd instead of a “Memory Mosaic” let me know.  Also, for those that served in the military, please send me an email and I will send you Gecko CD’s.  Steve, you are already on the list.

Lastly, I would like to thank Roy for allowing me to work with him to put this all together.  He made it so enjoyable..  His cooperation and his generosity added to all our enjoyment.  Thank him, solely for having the Beu Sisters.  What fun they were.  The energy of that last evening was unbelievable.  Roy made that happen!  I cannot remember when the last time I went to bed at 2:20am. Yes, the Blue Moon was clouded out by the Monsoon.  However, We all knew it was up there.  We were all forced indoors which had the advantage that we talked, and talked, and talked, ate and drank  well into the night.  Roy, did you order the storm?  It was perfect timing!

Again, thank you all for coming.  We worked hard our whole life.  We deserved and owed this celebration to ourselves.  Saigon was a special place and we all knew at the time that it had a special place in history. 


It is sometimes hard to put in words what you feel (reminds me of the Jim Croce’s song (attached)). This is one time where I wished Ground Hog Day was a reality and not a movie. Celebrating our times and memories of our youth in Saigon is and was special or you all would not have come … or wished you could have come. As generous as Frank is with his kudos, you made it possible. Seeing each other again was an opportunity to re-live our youth, wish the impossible, and cherish the three days that seemed to pass too quickly to our liking. Putting it together was a team effort. Participating a joy. Frank and family did all the heavy lifting. I was simply a happy bean counter. And what a family! From his grandchildren to siblings, Frank is a lucky man.

All has not come to an end, however. I am in the process of putting together a slide-show of the event with pictures and videos that hopefully you will all send me. Our regret is that we didn’t take a group picture. We were just having too much fun. So, please, any pictures or videos you took would be appreciated. Occasional viewing of our Reunions re-kindles the happy times and pulls at our heart strings.

Thank you all for attending and making the special special. And, a special thanks to Frank. None of the Reunions would have happened without him.



SaigonKids 2015 Reunion Update – June 18, 2015
Reunion Dates: July 30th – August 2nd 2015 (4 Days/3 Nights)


THIS IS IT!! Last Update.

This will be the last update before the Saigon Reunion.  We hope everyone is ready!  We were almost going to say as ready as Roy and Frank, but we won’t.  You see Roy is a big believer in Murphy’s Law and Frank has OCD, so at this point, we have decided to just show up, and hopefully we have the dates right and we can all just go with the flow!!


1.  Thursday, 30 July 4:00pm to 7:00pm Reception in the “Arizona Kitchen”, late arrivals at 24/7 Room/Building.

2.  Friday, 31 July 3:30pm meet in parking lot in front of the Wigwam lobby for car pool to Song Lynn’s for optional (pay as you go) Vietnamese dinner 4:00pm to 6:00pm.  Don’t forget to check out the menu (See Links below).

What will Roy and Frank have…Wow! We are finally off of our diet.  Spring Rolls, A4, Pho, P7 or P11 (Oh wait, A person may need a bib to eat Pho), Stir-fried Combination, C18 or C24, A Vietnamese coffee and … does a milk shake go with Bamuoiba?

Friday night is the “Blue Moon”!  Hang out at the pool (s), visit at the 24/7 room or listen to music in the Wigwam Bar.

3.  Saturday, 1 August 6:30pm to 11:30pm is the Dinner/Dance in the “Arizona Room”.  Dinner will be delicious Cowboy Steak made to order and music by the Beu Sisters will take you back in time.

The Wigwam Resort is just a nice place to hang out all day doing “much of nothing”.  However, for those that want to go shopping in Scottsdale, I do not think you are alone.  The prices this time of year should be reasonable. There is of course, Golf for those so gifted.

4.  Sunday, 2 August 7:00am to 11:00am optional (pay as you go) Breakfast Brunch at Red’s Bar & Grill on the Fairway.

Now, the 24/7 room will be open for you to go to day or night.  You can play music, talk or look at old yearbooks.  If you have Saigon memories you would like to share bring them with you.   The 24/7 room is your place.

5.  Arrivals, We are striving hard to meet everyone’s need to get from the Airport to the Wigwam.  It is best that everyone contact their riders/drivers directly in making the arrangements.  If you have a problem please call Roy or Frank.  The Wigwam is about a 25-minute drive to the Airport depending on traffic.

6.  Bulletin Board, We will post changes if they do occur.
If you wish to post something during the Reunion, feel free to do so.
Departures: We will have people post on the bulletin board in the 24/7 room for coordination on getting back to the airport.

If you have a problem or question, please contact Frank or Roy.
Two weeks from now!  Everyone travel safe and we will all be together for one great Hurrah!

7.  Phone Numbers, Cell Frank (520) 266 -5135, Cell Roy (386) 478-9616, Wigwam Resort (623) 935-3811.

8.  Destination (for your GPS), Wigwam Resort, 300 E Wigwam Blvd.
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Frank posted this on his facebook last night… I went to four different High Schools in three different countries. Yes, every year I moved and went somewhere else when I was a teenager. This year, an old high school friend, Roy...we met when we were 16 are organizing a school reunion at the Wigwam Resort, Litchfield Park, AZ.. My favorite high schools years were when I was a freshman in Iran and when I was a Junior in Vietnam. When you have gone to 4 different high schools, the advantage is you get to pick your favorite one. Saigon, by far, was the best. At the end of this month and the first days of August I get to see some of my old friends that made those days when I was 16 so important. My own family will be there to help share this with me. 31 July is a "Blue Moon"! When you look up in the sky, just know Frank is having the time of his life that night!


9.  Links:

Vietnamese Restaurant -
Map of Wigwam (location of Events) -
Arrival Cluster
Reunion Roster:
Wigwam Resort –
Wigwam 24/7 Building -
Wigwam 24/7 Parlor -
SaigonKids Website –
Saturday Night Entertainment:
SaigonKids Blog:

See you soon!

Frank & Roy


The Finish-Line is in sight! On Thursday July 30th we will re-live a lot of memories and confirm a lot of faded ones. We are a little less than a month and a half to go, and here are some details as of this next-to-last Update:


  1. We have 44 confirmed SaigonKids (Fees paid and/or Resort Reservations made)
  2. We have 18 SaigonKids who have indicated that they would attend but we have no confirmation as (1) above (see shaded rows on the Roster (Links below)) as of this update.
  3. On June 30th Frank will be providing the balance of the contract funds to Wigwam with a firm head-count per contract terms.
  4. In order to provide Wigwam the necessary funds, any hopeful (unconfirmed/remaining) SaigonKids Fees ($141.50/pp) must be deposited in our account prior to June 30th. If you have not done so, please do. Your checks can be made out to Charles F. Stoddard and mailed to Frank’s Address:

Charles F. Stoddard
5675 S. Mescalero Road
Hereford AZ 85615

The Meet & Greet event (July 30th) on Thursday and Dinner/Dance event on Saturday (Aug. 1st) are not “Pay-As-You-Go”, so, please, if you are planning to attend, June 30th is the deadline. After that we will not be able to reserve seating or accommodate the two Events for your Last Hurrah Reunion attendance.


  1. Name tags for each SaigonKid is being prepared in accordance with the names on the Roster. If you have a preference (maiden name vs. given name where applicable) please let us know.
  2. At the Meet & Greet event you will each be provided with a packet containing your name tags, lanyards, a wristband labeled “SaigonKids” to be worn for the 3 night Reunion and confirmation of your attendance eligibility, etc. (Sorry for being so neurotic … at minimum we can use the rubber wristbands to launch spitballs (lol)), and local and related information regarding the Wigwam Resort and sight-seeing brochures.
  3. Transportation to/from Phoenix airport is not provided by the Resort. We will be publishing a “Cluster” of arrival Dates/Times in the event some who have reserved rental cars can provide a lift to a SaigonKid or either Frank or I can pick you up given availability. Follow the links for Cluster (very preliminary at this point) below and if you have not already done so, please provide us the following information to ( or :
  4. Mode of transportation (airline/car/balloon)
  5. Date and time of arrival
  6. Have a Rental Car Reserved and can provide a lift
  7. Attending (if yes) the “Pay-as-you-go” dinner at the Vietnamese Restaurant on (July 31st)
  8. Attending (if Yes) the ”Pay-as-you-go” Sunday Brunch at Wigwam (Aug. 2nd)
  9. If your check has been in the mail, we will not be able to post it on the Roster until Frank gets back from his Europe trip (after 20th of June).
  10. If you cannot attend the full 4 days/3 nights of the Reunion, the event fees remain the same ($141.50/pp) and cannot be pro-rated.


Wigwam Resort
300 E Wigwam Blvd.
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
(623) 935-3811
Cell Numbers:
  Frank: (520) 266-5135
   Roy:    (386) 478-9616
          Wigwam Resort -
          SaigonKids Website –
Saturday Night Entertainment:
SaigonKids Blog:
Arrival Clusters:
                   Song Lynn Vietnamese Restaurant:

Events (paid for by your Event Fees), and Optional pay-as-you-go:

Event I – Thursday 30 July, 2015 4 – 7 PM, Meet & Greet, Hors D’oeuvres Southwest style (paid), Cash Bar, and Registration (late arrivals at 24/7 room)
Optional I – Friday 31 July, 2015 5 – 7 PM, Vietnamese Restaurant, Pay-As-You-Go (See Menus)
Event II – Saturday 1 August, 2015 6:30 – 11:30 PM, Cocktails (Cash Bar) 6:30 – 7:00 PM, Dinner 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM, entertainment 8:00 – 11:30 PM
Optional II – Sunday 2 August, 2015 Wigwam Sunday Brunch 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, Pay-As-You-Go (see Menus)


Thursday 07/30/15 Meet & Greet
Hors D’Oeuvres 4:00 – 7:00 PM (Paid)

Action Stations "Fiesta"
Quesadillas three ways:
Grilled Chicken and pepper jack
Machaca Beef and Oaxaca Cheese
Three-Cheese Green Chiles
Tri-colored Tortilla chips, chunky Guacamole
Fire roasted salsa and chili Con Queso

Friday 07/31/15 Dinner at Song Lynn Vietnamese Restaurant (Optional)
Too long to list, click on the following link:

Saturday Night 08/01/15 Dinner/Dance
Cowboy Cookout Menu (paid)

Smoked Corn Chowder
Trail Lettuce Salad with Peppercorn Ranch & Vinaigrette Dressings
Wagon Wheels of Sliced Tomato & Red Onion with Pickle Spears and Assorted Olives
Grilled to Order:
($100 chef attendant fee required)
Angus New York Steak
Chipotle Marinated Chicken Breasts
Casserole Potatoes
Ranch Beans
Corn on the Cob with Melted Butter
Selection of Bakery Fresh Dinner Rolls
Warm Cherry Dumplings with Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Volcano Cake
Ice Water
Rainforest Alliance Decaffeinated & Regular Coffee and
Gourmet Teas

Sunday Brunch Menu (Optional)
Hickman’s Family Farms Brunch Buffet

Orange, Grapefruit and Apple Juices
Sliced Fresh Fruit and Berries Platter
Whole Grain Cereals, Granola, 2% and Nonfat Milk
Freshly Scrambled Eggs
Sausage and Crispy Smoked Bacon
Home Fried Potatoes
Buttermilk Pancakes with Blueberry Compote
Banana and Zucchini Breakfast Breads
Mini Bagels with Butter, Preserves, Marmalade and Cream Cheese

That is about it for now. Frank will be back in the saddle on the 20th of July to finalize his magic with Wigwam and the Vietnamese Restaurant. We hope to see all of you very soon!

Frank & Roy


SaigonKids 2015 Reunion Update – May 21, 2015
Reunion: July 30th – August 2nd 2015 (3 Nights)

Saturday Night: Beu Sisters

For those who have sent their Registration Fees, Thank You!!!

Sixty eight days left to the Last Hurrah Reunion! Time flies! If you have not made reservations at the Wigwam Resort for the three nights (July 30th – August 1st) – Hurry! Since we have met our minimum of 20 rooms, there are no guarantees of any availabilities. They will still honor our negotiated rates of $109++ per night, but availability may become an issue. Two other things to remember, (1) let us know if you plan to attend the Optional (Pay-as-you-go) dinner on Friday night (July 31st) to the Vietnamese restaurant. We have to arrange transportation and seating at the restaurant; and (2) let us know your arrival time and mode of transportation. We will post them on the Roster on the website. It is a 25 minute drive from the Phoenix airport to the Resort. The Resort does not have a shuttle service, so the more we know of a cluster of arrival times, the easier it will be for us to arrange for some transportation if possible.

We have added to our Saturday night entertainment venue the Beu Sisters who will be performing three sets after dinner (8:00 PM – 11:30 PM). The three sisters have performed locally (FL) and nationally and were brought up only a mile from Roy’s home in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Lucky! Click on this youtube link to get a taste of their talent He has seen them perform locally and they have a vast and tasteful selection of songs from our era. Click on the top link for their Bio. It  is an interesting description of a talented family gifted with musical harmony and Beu-ty.

The Meet & Great event on Thursday (July 30th ) will start at 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM with snacks and open Bar (Pay-as-you-go). Dinner (if you are still hungry) will be on your own and the 24/7 Room will be available after dinner. In the Meet & Greet Room you will be given a packet with your name tags, lanyards, wrist bands for Saturday night event, pen, notepad, local map, Resort brochures, and sightseeing information. Early arrivals enjoy the pool-side until 4:00 PM. Late arrivals can get their packet at the 24/7 Room after 7:00 PM. We will have signage in the Resort lobby for times, events and location under SaigonKids Reunion.

Please check the website, News tab for any last minute updates or changes. We plan to have two more updates with additional details in June and July. Until then, the countdown has started and excitement heightened!!

Latest Roster Update

Frank & Roy

Roy –
Frank -
p.s. Frank is touring Europe with a bunch of girls from June 1 – 19, so don’t expect rapid replies (he will be having too much fun(lol))



It has been kind of quiet lately! With Frank throwing out his back and my taking off to the Lesser Antilles, it feels like we have already had the Reunion (lol). But we are baaack! Frank’s back is returning to normal and I am human again in need of a vacation from a vacation.

We are in good shape as far as attendance and your commitments. We are hoping the few on the Roster who have yet to confirm, will do so soon and be a part of the Last Hurrah of our era in Vietnam.  Small details is all that remains in making this one of the most memorable SaigonKids Reunions. It will not be easy. The Reunions in Saigon in 2009, the one in Hawaii and the one in Tennessee are hard to beat. It is, however, very symbolic that the First Reunion (which I missed since I was not “found” yet) held at the Wigwam Resort and hosted by Frank & Arlene, is now the last one to be held in the same location.

This past post on Bob Layson’s Blog celebrates his 7 years since creating the Blog which has become enormously popular in bringing us together. I remember encouraging him when he told me he was going to launch the Blog but at the same time alerting him to the great amount of time he would have to devote in maintenance and dealing with the technical gremlins that always infect the best of systems. Much like Frank’s passion in the early days of connecting with everyone and launching the first SaigonKids Reunion, Bob’s contribution has brought us more into the social media age of becoming connected and sharing our experiences and memories before they fade with time. As many times as I have begged, groveled and harassed Bob in attending the Reunions, he has yet to do so. When visiting the Cerc Sportif during the 2009 Reunion, Bob was a hologram ever so present sitting on the ledge as he always did. So … from all of us Bob, celebrate the Last Hurrah with us this year! Complete the circle. Your seat at all the Reunions has been empty! (Persian proverb).

Please follow the link below for the latest update on the Roster. Scroll to the right to see the arrival information of those who have submitted. More updates on some of the details to come as Frank does all the heavy lifting in Arizona.

Happy Trails!

Roy & Frank

Latest Roster Update


SaigonKids 2015 Reunion Update – March 12, 2015
Reunion: July 30th – August 2nd 2015 (3 Nights)

For those who have sent their Registration Fees, Thank You!!!

Wow! We are almost there.  Many of you have paid your Reunion Fee and have made reservations at the Wigwam.  Now let me tell you about the optional Vietnamese food on Friday the 31st of July.  You will look at a menu and pick your own meal.  Suzy and I have been looking and still cannot decide what we want. We know we will have the spring rolls to start out with.  Pho is terrific at this restaurant, but I need a bib whenever I eat it for I splash all over the place.  The stir-fried dishes are very much to liking also.  Take a look and try to decide what you want. HA! It is not that easy is it?

The Restaurant will also stock up on BaMuoiBa just for us.  Isn’t that cool?  Now our plan is for those that want to go to Vietnamese dinner will board a bus at the Wigwam about 3:30 in the afternoon.  The Dinner will be from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.  Now many of you may wonder why we will be eating so early.  Well Folks, the bottom line is, Roy needs to get back to the Wigwam for his “bedtime” in order for him to get his “beauty” sleep! 
The good news is, we can all settle in early at ” poolside” and enjoy the BLUE MOON that evening, have snacks and drinks and enjoy each others company!  The 24/7 building will also be open.  Well of course it will be open, which is why it is called that! lol

Send your Registration/activity fee ($141.50 per person) to:

Charles F. Stoddard
5675 S. Mescalero Road
Hereford Arizona 85615

Again it may take a few days for your payment to show up on the roster.  If you think there is an error, let us know.

For your room reservation, please call The Wigwam Resort at 800-327-0396.  Make sure when you call; you say it is for the Saigon Reunion group.


Hẹn gặp lại


Click on the following Link/ for the latest Roster:

Updated Reunion Roster


SaigonKids 2015 Reunion Update – February 26, 2015
Reunion: July 30th – August 2nd 2015 (3 Nights)

For those who have sent their Registration Fees, Thank You!!!

It is too early to do a countdown to the Reunion in Arizona, however our countdown to the signing of the contract with Wigwam is only two days away. Again, thank you to those who have already sent their Registration Fees and the ones in the mail. If you have forgotten, please get them to Frank as soon as possible (his credit card is taking a beating). To check the status of your payments and information on arrival mode and dates, click on the icon below and scroll to the right to find the date your check was deposited, amount and check number. I have bolded (if that is a word) the SaigonKids that have already paid and we have more than half of the commitments to go. Again, and again … Thank You.

Frank has been busy shuttling back and forth to the Bank and depositing your checks. He stops by a tanning salon on his way back to get ready for the Reunion(lol). We have had a slower-n-slower luck (as opposed to Dumer-n-Dumer) with the Vietnamese Restaurants (now two of them)  in getting a proposed menu for the Friday night dinner outing. Hopefully we will have better luck with a little di-di-Mau conversation.

We were greatly disappointed early on when Arlene had told us that she will not attend the Arizona Reunion. As you all know, she hosted the 2004 Reunion in Nashville where it turned out to be one of the best Reunions. And we could not conceive her not attending the Last Hurrah! So, with a little conniving between Frank, David and I, we were able to coax her into attending. We are now Happy.

This is a short update and we hope to bring you more in the next two week as soon as Di-di-Mau takes effect.

 Roy & Frank

Click on the following Link or icon for the latest Roster:


SaigonKids 2015 Reunion Update - January 29, 2015
Reunion: July 30th – August 2nd 2015 (3 Nights)

The Last Hurrah is preceded by a loud Hurray!!
(We met our minimum of 20 required Rooms – The Reunion is now formally a go!)

I think I am the most excited person about our upcoming Saigon Reunion; well maybe Roy feels the same.   Of course we are both fortunate to be able to see things slowly come together which certainly adds to our excitement.

O.K., what is happening this week?  The details with Vietnamese Restaurant dinner (Optional) are still being worked out.  It does look like it will be a 5 to 6 course pay-as-you-go dinner.  We hope to have the menu out to everyone soon.  They do have Tiger Beer (Wasn’t that called Tiger P___S?), which is very good, but Roy and I have asked them if they can find us some BaMuoiBa! They also have Vietnamese Coffee/tea, soft drinks and wine.

Now for the important stuff for this week:

  1. Send your Event fee money to me by February 28th so we can sign the Contract with Wigwam. Make checks payable to Frank Stoddard/SaigonKids Reunion, address:

Frank Stoddard  
5675 South Mescalero Road
Hereford, Arizona 85615

The amount is $141.50 per person. I promise I will not run off to Argentina with it!

  1. For your Resort Room: Guests can call 800-327-0396 to make their reservations.  When you call mention to them that you want to book the rooms under the Saigon Reunion group.  This will assist the Resort agents to find your block of rooms & negotiated rates.  Please bear in mind that you will be asked for a credit card at the time of booking and that credit card will be charged for one night’s room and tax.  If you should need to cancel your reservation, you must do so seven (7) calendar days before your arrival in order to have the deposit refunded.  If you cancel inside of the seven (7) calendar days, the deposit is forfeited.  The room rate per night is $109.00 plus $10.00 for resort fee plus 11.07% tax.
  1. I have personally rented out the 24/7 House (Cassita).  We have it from Thursday 30 July until Monday 3 August.  There are two bedrooms with King size beds with their own private baths that are located within the 24/7 house that are available on a first-come/first-serve basis.  These rooms each have their own private keys for the doors.  If anyone wants them please let me know. You will not have to pay me until later.  These upgraded rooms are $133.33 plus $10 plus $15.86 taxes per night ($159.19 per night).  If you get with me and I confirm back with you that the room/rooms are yours, you do not have to call the Wigwam for reservations.
  1. Administrative Details:
  1. When you make your reservations at Wigwam, send us an e-mail and any airline information you may have made. That way we can post them on the website and like-arrival times can be coordinated and potentially save on your transportation costs.
  2. If you think you will be attending the Optional pay-as-you-go Vietnamese Dinner on Friday and/or the Sunday Brunch, also let us know and we will post them on the Roster and make the numbers available to the Restaurant and the Resort for seating/capacity.
  3. Money-Money-Money … for us to sign a contract, we will need to make a deposit and confirm our commitments to the Resort. Please send in your total Event Costs (column in Blue across your name on the Roster) by the 28th of February. If you have a senior moment as I often have and forget if I have sent it in or not, just check the Roster, scrolling to the right, and you will see the status of your payment. Allow a week or two from when you sent it since I have to alert Roy to post it on the Website once I have it deposited in the SaigonKids Reunion bank account.
  4. You in the Gray highlight on the Roster!? What are you waiting for? Commit and join the Party!!!

Roy and I wish to thank everyone that has responded so positive about the idea of us all being able to get back together after so many years (decades!).


Click on the following Picture/Icon for the Latest Roster:

SaigonKids Logo


SaigonKids 2015 Reunion Update - January 15, 2015

Reunion: July 30th – August 2nd 2015 (3 Nights)


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and welcome back to the Frank & Roy show of 2015(lol). Frank has been doing all the arm-twisting and nagging with the Wigwam folks and I have been crunching the numbers so that we can sign a contract that will support at a minimum of 20 rooms and 30 attendees. We are at a point to where we see daylight and ready to sign the contract with Wigwam by the end of February. We have 31 committed to come as of this writing and occupying 19 rooms. That is only one short (room) of meeting our goal. We hope that by the 28th of  February, the 16 that are undecided can confirm and commit so we can finalize our commitment with Wigwam. So, please, please let us know soonest. February 28th is our deadline and it is not too far away. You can go to the website ( and click on the <News> tab for the latest update on the Roster or click on the Saigonkids logo (on Bob Layson’s Blog) or click on the Logo at the end of this document.


 There are only two main events that are planned and funded by your commitments. The Greet & Meet session on Thursday with Hors d’Ouevres and cash bar, and the Saturday Dinner/Dance buffet and Cash Bar  (see Cowboy Cookout Menu below). The Vietnamese dinner is optional on Friday night (how could you miss that?) and Frank is working with them to come up with a selection of three entrees to choose from. We will provide all the timing/schedules as soon as we sign the contract.


There is also a 24/7 room/house (which will be open at all hours for any Saigon Kid to go and visit with friends) that has three bedrooms with its own bath and a king size bed off from the suite area.  Two of these rooms are available for the first two folks that contact Frank.  Whoever wants one would not get a room reservation through the Wigwam but would contact and pay Frank directly.  These room rates are a little higher than the standard rooms, being $143, plus tax, per night. See pictures below for a view of the 24/7 rooms and facilities.


We have made only one adjustment to the Registration Fee as described by the footnote. We changed it from $20.00 to $30.00 per person after adding up all the costs for the Registration. This is the final adjustment and we are ready to collect your hard earned money. Please do not sent any funds for the accommodations (Wigwam Resort rooms). That will be accomplished by you making the reservations and providing your credit card once we have a code that provides the group the discounts provided by the Resort. So, please submit the amount indicated on the Roster column (also attached)  “Total Event Costs/pp” next to your name to:


Frank Stoddard

5675 S. Mescalero Road

Hereford, AZ  85615


Please make checks payable to:  Saigonkids Reunion. A separate bank account has been set up for the Reunion.


Issues that we have faced with prior Reunions is worth mentioning:  (1) The “Total Event Costs/pp” is non-refundable and non partial (i.e. if you attend for one night, you are still responsible for all the events cost since that has been calculated to meet the contract); (2) Hotel room/reservations/issues are between the Resort and you … or Frank, if you want one of the upgraded 24/7 rooms; and (3) a wrist band will be in your Registration packet that will be needed for the Dinner/Dance event.


Phewww!  Info-Overload! Now, Frank previously asked “How many of you like old Rock-and-Roll?” so that we have your favorite one included .  So, I’ll start with mine: “Have You Heard” by the Duprees, favorite group: Bee Gees (if you discount The Beetles as equivalent). Frank’s is “True Love Ways” by Buddy Holly and favorite singer Roy Orbison. Let us know yours.


Saturday Night Dinner/Dance

Cowboy Cookout Menu


Smoked Corn Chowder

Trail Lettuce Salad with Peppercorn Ranch & Vinaigrette Dressings

Wagon Wheels of Sliced Tomato & Red Onion with Pickle Spears and Assorted Olives

Grilled to Order:

($100 chef attendant fee required (taken care of))

Angus New York Steak

Chipotle Marinated Chicken Breasts

Casserole Potatoes

Ranch Beans

Corn on the Cob with Melted Butter

Selection of Bakery Fresh Dinner Rolls

Warm Cherry Dumplings with Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Volcano Cake

Ice Water

Rainforest Alliance Decaffeinated & Regular Coffee and

Gourmet Teas



Sunday Brunch Menu (Optional)

Hickman’s Family Farms Brunch Buffet

Orange, Grapefruit and Apple Juices
Sliced Fresh Fruit and Berries Platter
Whole Grain Cereals, Granola, 2% and Nonfat Milk
Freshly Scrambled Eggs
Sausage and Crispy Smoked Bacon
Home Fried Potatoes
Buttermilk Pancakes with Blueberry Compote
Banana and Zucchini Breakfast Breads
Mini Bagels with Butter, Preserves, Marmalade and Cream Cheese


We will be providing additional information on the Vietnamese Restaurant Menu options, Hors d’Ouevres (I hope I spelled that right)  for the Meet & Greet, and schedules as we get closer to Party Time!


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Wigwam website:


Wigwam 24/7 Exterior Picture:


Wigwam 24/7 Parlor Room Picture:




Cheers … Frank & Roy


Reunion Roster

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SaigonKids 2015 Reunion Update

December 4, 2014

O.K., Thanksgiving is over!  My wife and I are planning on talking to the Reunion coordinator in about two weeks to see what we can come up with.  Right now we would like (1) a Thursday evening reception (Meet & Greet); (2) we thought of coordinating a dinner at a local Vietnamese Restaurant on Friday night; (3) a Dinner-Dance on Saturday evening; and (4) a Sunday Breakfast/Brunch being our last function.  One thing I will also talk to the Wigwam folks about is whether we can get the same rates for our rooms if folks wish to show up a day or two before or stay a day or two after. This may help those that just want to hang out with friends (Suzy and I plan on doing this!) or in order to arrange better flight schedules.  Once we establish a firm non-refundable event fee, everyone would have to pay the same amount regardless if you come late or leave early. We have an estimated amount (see <News> tab) for now. Again, we do not like to discuss money, but it is the only way we can make arrangements with the Wigwam Resort. We are also going to ask them to shift their December 31st deadline for commitments to February 28th 2015. That will help all of us hurdle over the Christmas Holidays which can be stressful for some.


O.K.! How many of you like old Rock-and-Roll?  Think deeply into your past memories and come up with the songs you would like to hear.  Let us (Roy and Frank) know what those songs are…and maybe why you would like to hear them again. We know we can find any song and maybe dust-off an old 45 or 33 LP if we can find a record player to play them on these days – kidding (lol)!


Cheers ... Frank 


Please click on the picture below to get the latest Roster list that is growing:


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SaigonKids 2015 Reunion Update

November 20, 2014


Now I have been involved again, one way or the other, in the fourth Saigon Kids Reunion.  To decide if I am a glutton for punishment or just a nostalgic old f***t, I downed four scotch and sodas and took keyboard in hand.


Obviously the Saigon Kids time meant the world to me. David and Arlene sent me an article the other day that showed research on how the elderly…I mean mature people …stayed healthier and had more “get up” in their “Giddy-up” by revisiting their teenage years.  This included the movies, the cars, the music and books, etc.  Now the Wigwam, (doesn’t that name have such a “Silver Screen Cowboy” sound … putting aside what is PC) is really a very pleasant place to stay.  It is a resort, therefor it is a little pricier from what Suzy and I normally do.  However, every time we go there we do not regret it.  By the way, the Wigwam is about three and half hours from where we live.


At the present, Roy and I are trying to come up with the best “Bang for the Buck” we can get.  We, either one of us, do not like to even deal or think about money when it comes to the reunion and telling our friends what they need to pay.  We just want to see and visit with people that have our common connection.  Now you all probably noticed that we are calling this the Last Hurrah!  Well, because of our age and health, we think that we are being very realistic.  Now, both Roy and I still want to go back and visit Saigon one more time, but that is not in our plans right now.  We just want to get together as many Saigon Kids for a Last Hurrah ... come and enjoy yourself and drift back to your youth.  You will not be alone in that endeavor for that is what it is all about.


Now often in my life I have been told that I am too honest … actually to a fault. (I am so glad I am now retired, because I now cannot be fired ... (lol)). A question comes up that Roy and I have to “sell” the reunion.  Do all kinds of things to convince people to come.  I must admit that I have mixed thoughts about this.  I see myself as saying, “man, I will not pass up a party, especially with the folks that made some of my biggest memories”.  Why do I need to sell that?  I think if people feel the way I do, they will come, if not, I guess they have to be sold on the idea. I do not know how to sell the Saigon Kids "time" for it is too valuable to sell.




          Ok, I guess to try and keep pace with Frank, I have poured myself a tall scotch and soda as well, so here goes:



Remember this picture and the “Eyes of  Novack are upon you”? Ms. Novack was unfairly (now that we are much older and maturity has tempered our outlook) the focus of our youthful wrath and mischievous pranks. As effective as she was in finding out who was smoking in the bathroom or skipping class, she was perhaps regarded as a more powerful tyrant than Diem. Her picture will, however, now serve as a link to nostalgic Saigon and our youthful times. Click on the link below for nostalgia (it takes a little time to load)

Kids in Saigon:

          The Reunion Roster is growing and we hope to meet the minimum requirements for the Reunion. You can click on the Picture at the end of this document to get the latest committed attendees and the undecided. As mentioned before, the costs and go-no-go decision is based on 20 booked rooms and the resort’s minimum costs for events described. The number is not based on number of attendees since family members would occupy single units. The number of committed rooms to-date can be found on the last column of the Roster. As of this diatribe, it is more than halfway to our go-no-go decision. Actually if the undecided (?) would commit (which we hope they will), we have already met the minimums.


          We are in the process of negotiating the Menu for the Meet & Greet and Saturday night Dinner/Dance. Their current prices are higher than our estimate (we used the Chicago Brent Reunion as a guide) by an average of $20.00. We have made a counter offer and we hope it comes in line with our estimate.


Click on the Picture for the latest updated Roster:



The last Saigon Kid’s Hurrah!


Roy McDonald and Frank Stoddard are planning and preparing for a Reunion to take place Thursday the 30th of July to Sunday the 2nd of August 2015.    The event will be at the Wigwam Resort, in Litchfield Park just outside of Phoenix Arizona.


The first Saigon Kids Reunion took place here in the summer of 2000 on the night of a “Full Moon”.  This one, like all the reunions have taken place when the moon is full and this will also be the second one that will also happen during a “Blue Moon”.


We hope many of you are enthused as we are.  This is the deal, however, we need your support.  It will not be long before we have to sign a contract with the Resort.  Of course once this happens; we have to obligate ourselves to time and money.  We are more than glad to do this if you really want this thing to happen.


We often talk about how Saigon was such a wonderful place for our teenage years.  When we write, talk or see our old friends from those days we see them as they appeared 50 years ago.  This memory of the friendship is still just as strong today.  We also realize that many of us are getting up there in life, and thus the years ahead are limited, thus this will be the last attempt to get so many of us all together once again.  It does not matter if you lived in Saigon in 1958 or 1964.  It does not matter if you went to ACS or a French School.  It does not matter if you went to ACS or you worked there later when it was a hospital.  We would like to open the reunion to everyone…friends and family alike.  We all have something very much in common.


Now that Wigwam is pretty “neat”.  There is plenty of vegetation, water and shade on the outside areas that make it very pleasant in the Arizona heat of July (It is not like downtown Scottsdale). It has a couple of different pools, the main one being a vocal point for food, drink and laughter (and plenty of umbrellas, misters and towels).  Do you remember “Le Cercle Sportif Saigonnais”? There are also restaurants and bars indoors.


The Wigwam is located about 25 minutes west from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.  The Wigwam has a shuttle bus, and if we knew when folks arrived, we could try and coordinate “pickups” in order to cut down on the fee. Phoenix is a very spread out city, and it is automobile dependent in order for people to get around.  If you wish to see other sites, Rent-a-Cars are also readily available.  The Wigwam has free parking. 


Roy did up a spreadsheet (Attached in 2 formats) that will give you a ruff idea of costs.  But just remember this reunion is priceless.


What do we plan on doing at the reunion?  We are open for any and all suggestions.  What about a reception the first day with a pay as you go bar?  A dinner…or better yet, maybe a dinner-dance during the weekend is your choice?  What do you say about having a brunch, a lunch or just Pho?  There is now a Vietnamese restaurant near the Resort and we could figure out a way for everyone to get there.  Litchfield Park has really built up over that last few years.


What about everyone bring a door prize that represents something from where you come from?  Of Course we’ll take music requests.  Roy and Frank are the music gurus.

We plan a renting one extra room where folks can come 24/7 and sit and enjoy each other’s company.  It will be called the “Party Room”.


“Listen”, Again here is the deal.  We would love for everyone to come.  Please let us know if it is a “For Sure” (of course baring any evil), a “Strong Maybe”,  “Maybe”, “I want too, but!”, and “give me one more month to think about it before I tell you yes”.  Let Roy at and/or Frank at know as soon as possible.


Wigwam Link:



Reunion 2015 Roster and Costs


Regards ... Frank


The Phoenix is a mythical bird.   A new Phoenix springs from it's ashes as a symbol of immortality and resurrection.  It is said that the bird's cry is that of a beautiful song.



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