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The 2004 Reunion was held in Nashville, TN. Great times and great memories. The highlight was the Softball Game!

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Reunion 2004 Information

Attendees Spouse/  
As of March 20, 2004 Significant Other No.
Al Kent   1
Arlene (Zucker) Claiborne David 2
BJ Cooper Bill 2
Burt Parker Jesse 2
Bob Layson   1
Cathie McIntyre   1
Cheryl (Smith) Wyke Buzz 1
Buzz Wyke Cheryl 1
Christie Kent   1
Dan Parker Jackie 2
Dave Henry Cynthia 2
Donna (Smith) Henry   1
Frank Stoddard Sue 2
Fred Bonner Frances 2
Jerilynn Coleman   1
Larry Smith Bonnie 2
Lynn (McIntyre) Riley Bob 2
Mary Lou (Poudre) Bevren Jeffrey 2
Regina Horner   1
Richard Henry Sharon 2
Rick Schutt   1
Roy McDonald Roxanne & Claire 3
Ruthie (Matteson) Blackmore   1
Sarah (Bush) Rogers   1
Sondra (Shanky) Ewell Mel 2
Susie Stann Patrick 2
Vicki (Shanky) Ouellette Bob 2
Total   43
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